Let's talk about doing business in Neumünster.

Neumünster is a key economic center and transportation hub in Schleswig-Holstein, offering significant locational benefits to industries. Its central location ensures excellent connectivity and easy access to major markets, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a competitive edge. Neumünster's diverse industries, including manufacturing, services, logistics, and technology, foster a vibrant business ecosystem that promotes innovation, collaboration, and sustained economic growth.

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    International market environment

  • International stakeholders

  • High performance infrastructure

  • Diverse economic sectors

The Wirtschaftsagentur Neumünster GmbH is the central point of contact for all questions concerning the local economy. We support all companies, institutions and individuals seeking advice and assistance in economic matters, especially in the main areas.

  • Marketing of municipal commercial areas
  • Support in the settlement process
  • Support of local companies
  • Networking and cooperation, e.g. in the fields of digitalization, securing skilled labor and future fuels

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Iris Meyer

Managing Director

+49 4321 6900100

Expansive Industrial Zones: The Perfect Place for Your Business

Neumünster offers companies ideal opportunities in its developed industrial zones. These are especially suitable for interested parties from the manufacturing industry, logistics and the service sector (especially the food industry and knowledge-intensive services). Due to the variety of commercial properties, a wide range of requirements in terms of location and size can be met.

Exposés for commercial areas in Neumünster (PDF available in German):

Unlock the potential of Your business.

Heino Bubach-Bernhardt

Head of Property Service

+49 4321 6900104

Starting Strong: Our Comprehensive Resources Ensure Your Success

We support all Neumünster-based companies. It makes no difference to us whether you want to settle in Neumünster or you are already here. We know that business interests and challenges are very diverse, depending on the respective industry, development phase or company size. Our team helps and, if necessary, connects with the appropriate people in public institutions, the chambers of commerce or other companies and networks.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with:

Marek Frank

Project Manager Company Services

+49 4321 6900108

Start and Grow Your Business at LOG-IN Gründerzentrum

The LOG-IN Gründerzentrum (business incubator) offers in every aspect the best conditions to start and grow successfully from the very beginning. With its connected location in Schleswig-Holstein, it is ideal for starting a business. Customers and business partners can be reached quickly from here. Over 80 individual offices with flexible office space offer sufficient growth potential.

Prices and requirements

Companies up to 3 years*4,90 €/m²
Companies up to 5 years*5,90 €/m²
Companies up to 8 years*6,90 €/m²
Ancillary costs3,34 €/m²
Deposit3 net cold rents

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Marek Frank

Project Manager Company Services

+49 4321 6900108

Management of vacancies: Unlock the potentials of Neumünster

Leerstandsmanagement (Management of vacancies): The Key to Successful Urban Development. We work closely with stakeholders who directly influence the quality of life in city centers, including municipal departments, property owners and business owners. As your neutral network partner, we offer expert guidance and solutions to help revitalize your city. Let us help you turn your urban vision into a reality.

City center scope

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Discover the potentials of Neumünster.

Markus Metzler

Vacancy Manager

+49 4321 6900117

About us

The Wirtschaftsagentur Neumünster GmbH is the central point of contact for local economic matters. Our team offers support in settlement processes, local companies, and networking and cooperation in digitalization, skilled labor and future fuels. Neumünster offers opportunities in developed industrial zones and a variety of commercial properties to meet different location and size requirements. Let us help you start and grow your business in (y)our city.

How to reach us:

+49 4321 6900100 or info@wa‑nms.de

and of course on site:
Memellandstraße 2, 24537 Neumünster, Germany